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Industrial Wastewater Discharges to a POTW: Am I Regulated?

How to determine if your wastewater discharge is regulated by your local POTW or TCEQ.

If you are a categorical industrial user (CIU) discharging process wastewater to a publicly owned treatment worksExit the TCEQ(POTW), you will be regulated by either the local POTW who owns the sanitary sewer system or TCEQ. If you are a significant industrial user not subject to federal categorical pretreatment standards, you may still be regulated by your local POTW.

To determine who is responsible for regulating your wastewater discharges to the POTW you will need to know:

  • Does the POTW have an approved pretreatment program?
  • If the POTW does not have an approved pretreatment program, does the POTW have local requirements for industries or facilities discharging wastewater to their system?
    • Contact the local municipality who owns the POTW to find out if they have any requirements for facilities discharging to the sanitary sewer system.

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