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What Are "Local Limits"?

Definition of local limits and who is required to develop them.

Local limits are wastewater limitations that apply to commercial and industrial facilities that discharge to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW) (40 CFR §403.3(q))Exit the TCEQ. Local limits are developed to meet the pretreatment program objectives and site-specific needs of the local POTW and the receiving stream.

Local limits control the pollutants in the wastewater discharges from commercial and industrial facilities and apply at the "end-of-pipe" from the facility. The regulations under 40 CFR §403.5(d)Exit the TCEQ give the POTW the authority to enforce its local limits.

Who Needs to Develop Local Limits?

The following POTWs are required by 40 CFR §403.5(c)Exit the TCEQ to develop local limits:

  • POTWs required to implement an approved pretreatment program need to develop local limits, or demonstrate that they are not necessary

  • other POTWs where wastewater discharges from commercial and industrial facilities have caused interference or pass through, and such violation is likely to recur

This requirement is contained in the POTW’s Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) permit.