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When to Consider Reassessing Your Technically Based Local Limits (TBLLs)

Conditions under which technically-based local limits are reassessed.

Consider reassessing your TBLLs if any of these conditions arise:

  • Your publicly-owned treatment works (POTW) expands

  • New commercial or industrial customers connect to your system

  • Existing commercial or industrial customers disconnect from your system

  • Your options for handling sewage sludge change 

  • Monitoring data shows noteworthy variations of pollutants of concern from previous levels in your POTW's influent, effluent, or both

If you are not certain whether your adopted TBLLs need to be revised, complete the TBLLs Reassessment FormAdobe Acrobat PDF Document (TCEQ-20221). In completing the form you may recognize situations that call for revisions.

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