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TPDES Permit: Pretreatment Requirements

Pretreatment permit requirements for POTWs.

The Contributing Industries and Pretreatment Requirements section of the Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (TPDES) permit includes pretreatment requirements for all publicly-owned treatment works (POTWs) regardless of whether or not the POTW has an approved TPDES pretreatment program. If you do not have an approved pretreatment program the permit includes specific prohibitions and notification requirements. If you do have an approved program, the pretreatment requirements in the permit are based on whether or not the POTW has significant industrial users discharging wastewater to the sewer system.

A POTW not required to implement an approved pretreatment program should consider developing a local pretreatment program in order to:

  • Protect the receiving stream

  • Correct existing problems at the POTW and the collection system

  • Prevent potential problems at the POTW and the collection system

  • Increase sludge disposal options

  • Protect the POTW and its personnel

If You Discover Changes

Your permit also requires you to notify us whenever you become aware of a substantial change in the characteristics of your plant's influent.

Even though your permit does not require you to establish an approved pretreatment program, it is still a good idea to have a local pretreatment program that has the key elements of an approved program.

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