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Natural Outlook, Winter 2003

Table of contents for this issue
The Quest for Clean Air

As the deadline for complying with federal air quality standards draws near, Texas faces increased pressure to curb air pollutants in key regions.
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A photo of the Houston skyline captures evidence of an ‘emissions event’ that produced a large cloud of air pollution.
Federal Compliance Issues Heat Up

The Environmental Protection Agency has delayed action on proposed air cleanup plans for the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas, waiting to see what the state does about funding incentives to reduce emissions.
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Avoiding the Penalty Box

Possible federal sanctions await any state that misses deadlines to improve air quality. Penalties could include additional reductions of industrial emissions and loss of federal highway funds.
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This photographic silhouette of a factory is a reminder that air emissions can be high around industrial sites.
Entering the Zone

With the 8-hour ozone standard soon to be implemented, several regions of Texas could be declared in violation.
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Cars and Trucks Ride Out New Inspections

Nine months into more rigorous inspections, nine out of 10 vehicles are passing. The mandatory emissions test expands to more counties this spring.
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Students at Condit Elementary in Houston pose for a picture before changing ozone warning flags at their outdoor science lab.
Condit Kids Rally Around the Flagpole

An elementary school on the west side of Houston is serious about air quality. Every day, students are outside checking weather conditions and posting a warning flag that corresponds with ozone levels.
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Leadership for Environmental Solutions

The TCEQ's Clean Texas Partnership Conference gets under way in March.
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