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Natural Outlook, Spring 2003

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This NASA photo of the Space Shuttle Columbia launch marked the beginning of a promising mission.  Unfortunately, the orbiter and its crew suffered a tragic accident over the skies of Texas.
Emergency Responders

Federal authorities coordinating the Space Shuttle Columbia search called on the TCEQ Strike Team for help with hazardous materials. The team has specialized training and equipment to deal with a prolonged environmental crisis.
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On the Front Lines

When the environmental hot line rings, one of the TCEQ's regional offices answers. Field staff are on call day and night for emergencies around the state.
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After years in development, the TCEQ's coordinated electronic reporting system has moved to the Internet. Online reporting benefits both the public and regulated entities. (Also included: ECOS Leaders Include TCEQ Commissioners and Texas Services Go Online)
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Solar panels atop one of the TCEQ buildings supply energy for some of the internal operations.
Practice What You Preach

How does the TCEQ rate as an environmental steward? The agency examines its own record in energy conservation.
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The ABC's of Environmental Awareness

Among the most popular aspects of TCEQ publishing are the educational offerings, designed for grades K-12.
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