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Natural Outlook, Summer 2003

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Construction equipment that uses diesel fuel.
Back on the Technology Track

With restored funding, the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan is gearing up to expand the grants available for technology advancements and cleaner-burning diesel vehicles.
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Incentives Program Gets a Tune-Up

The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan underwent some revisions, such as eligibility requirements, during the legislative session.
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Idling Trains Made Less Toxic

One technological innovation holds the promise of reducing air emissions from locomotives.
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8-Hour Implementation Under Way

The long-awaited 8-hour ozone standard is marching toward implementation, and an estimated 21 Texas counties will feel the consequences.
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Texas capitol
Lineup of Legislation

A number of bills passed in the regular legislative session will have an impact on environmental programs.
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Budget Outlook for 2004-2005

TCEQ appropriations for the next two fiscal years are in place.
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Photo of a cement mixer at the Port of Houston that is used to dry out and recycle clay absorbents.
Beyond Compliance

Companies and organizations are learning that an environmental management system can improve not only environmental performance but also the financial bottom line.
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3M's Experience with EMS

This international firm has benefited from adopting its own internal environmental standards.
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Performance-Based Regulations

The Texas EMS is one component of an overall effort to create incentives and provide options to traditional regulations.
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Turning Over Computers . . . Bit by Bit

Recycling events in three urban areas yielded truckloads of electronic gear.
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