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Natural Outlook, Fall 2003

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A river bend is visible in this photo taken from a tall hilltop.
On the Waterfront

As the state's long-range water plan is being revised, Texans are grappling with a number of issues concerning water quality and availability. Some of those pressing concerns are highlighted in this issue.
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Larry R. Soward
Coming Full Circle

Commissioner Larry R. Soward is back at his old stomping grounds. His career in state government began at one of the TCEQ's predecessor agencies.
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The Health of Texas Waters

The merger of two reports required by the federal Clean Water Act means more information is available on the condition of lakes, rivers, and estuaries in Texas.
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Dealing with Atrazine

Aquilla Lake near Hillsboro once registered excessive levels of the herbicide atrazine, but a cleanup effort involving a host of participants now serves as a model for success.
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Western States Face Water Woes

Growing state populations are putting increasing pressure on a part of the country known for having limited water resources.
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