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Natural Outlook, Spring 2004

Table of contents for this issue
Air monitoring equipment
Rapid Reporting and Response

Texas' network for monitoring air quality and water quality is the largest state-run system in the country. The TCEQ and its partners operate automated equipment around the state, and more advanced data collection is fast approaching.
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New Ozone Standard in Place

Counties learn their fate under the federal 8-hour ozone standard.
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PM Levels Looking Fine

State officials seek approval of air quality readings showing attainment for PM2.5.
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Heeding the Effects of Ozone

Daily ozone forecasts should be taken seriously in view of health concerns associated with the pollutant.
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Spotlight on Enforcement

The TCEQ embarks on a self-examination of its enforcement functions. Public comment is sought as well.
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Site Visits Help with Compliance

Recognition grows for a TCEQ program that aids small businesses and local governments with environmental regulations.
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Waste Disposal Project Gears Up

The TCEQ prepares for applications to license a low-level radioactive waste disposal facility.
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The Environment is Everyone's Business

Clean Texas gets a new component and a new name.
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