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Natural Outlook, Summer 2004

Table of contents for this issue
Easy on the Environment

The routine chores involved in keeping up the homestead have a direct bearing on human health and the environment. Basic environmental lessons begin at the back door. Eco-friendly home owners can go a long way in helping their natural surroundings, as well as their pocketbooks.
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NADBank Looks to Expand Financial Clout

The North American Development Bank wraps up a decade of lending assistance along the U.S.-Mexico border with plans to expand its involvement in environmental projects.
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All Waste Has Its Place

Urban and rural Texans have three different disposal options when looking to discard used products containing hazardous waste.
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Regional Air Plans Get Updates

Updates to the State Implementation Plan take aim at air quality in the Beaumont and Houston areas, both of which are nonattainment for ozone.
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Staying on Track

The processing of permit applications at the TCEQ occurs more efficiently, thanks to streamlining measures in place; other improvements are being studied.
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Clean Driving Habits Pay

Want to save money at the gas pump? Then drive clean and green. Driving habits really do affect the family budget.
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