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Natural Outlook, Winter 2005

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Wind turbine
Nature's Gifts

Renewable energy is finding its way into utilities' portfolios, with wind power leading the way. Wind turbines in West Texas have a capacity of almost 1,400 megawatts of electricity. With an abundance of resources, Texas appears well suited to pursue clean energy production derived from wind, solar, and biomass.
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Revamping the Enforcement Process

An intense study of the TCEQ's enforcement activities results in sweeping changes to the program. Recommendations are already being implemented.
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Incentives Program in Full Throttle

The Texas Emissions Reduction Plan is in high gear, thanks to full funding. More grants will be issued this year to projects that curb nitrogen oxides emissions.
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Fill 'er Up

Areas of the state striving to improve air quality are getting assistance at neighborhood gas stations. Stage I and Stage II vapor recovery ensures that harmful gasoline vapors do not escape into the atmosphere during fueling.
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Notices Posted on Real-Time Basis

The chief clerk's office debuts a new online feature in which TCEQ legal and public notices become more accessible.
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