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Natural Outlook, Spring 2005

Table of contents for this issue
Links with the Environment

Some Texas golf courses get high marks from Audubon International. These eco-friendly courses have taken precautions to preserve natural areas, conserve water, and protect water quality.
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The Houston Air Quality Challenge

Addressing air quality in the Houston region is a highly complex undertaking because of the climate, a large urban population, and a massive industrial complex. The TCEQ has mustered a variety of control strategies and initiatives to tackle emissions on many fronts.
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On the Track of Air Pollution

A year after launching a rapid-response system for detecting highly reactive volatile organic compounds, the TCEQ evaluates how well the pilot project worked for the state and its partners in private industry.
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A Slippery Slope

Dumping grease and food leftovers down the kitchen sink may be a quick clean-up solution, but the accumulated effects could cause major headaches for homeowners. The TCEQ has suggestions on how to prevent the dreaded problem of sewer backup.
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What is Your Water IQ?

Texans show strong interest in conserving water, but just how much do they know about their water resources? Survey findings indicate the need for more public awareness on water-related issues.
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Business Assistance Available at TexasOnline

The TCEQ has participated in an online project that makes it easier to set up a new business in Texas.
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