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Natural Outlook, Summer 2005

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UTMB building
Campus Goes Green

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has covered all the bases on conservation. Comprehensive programs blend recycling, energy savings, and public transportation into daily life. This community-wide model is committed to maintaining a clean environment.
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Emissions-Free Truck Stops

No idling allowed at these eco-friendly truck stops where a new technology is helping to reduce diesel emissions from 18-wheelers. Idleaire Technologies has found a way for truck drivers to rest comfortably with their heavy-duty diesel engines turned off.
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New Laws on the Books

After the regular legislative session, the TCEQ takes stock of the new laws that will affect the agency and its environmental programs.
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Air Pollution: The Long-Distance Traveler?

A wide-ranging study in Texas is gathering data on emissions that affect air quality, particularly the pollutants that arrive here from out of state.
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Marinas Make Waves

So far, 51 marinas have been admitted into the Clean Texas Program; another 37 are vying to meet the program’s environmental standards.
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