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Natural Outlook, Spring 2006

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Helicopter fighing a fire
Dry Times Ahead

Much of Texas is suffering from a drought that has been under way since last year. Dry, windy conditions already have brought disastrous results to the fire-ravaged Panhandle. The TCEQ and other agencies have been preparing for a difficult spring and summer.

Making Every Drop Count

The TCEQ is participating in a study of rainwater as a water source for homeowners.

New Landfill Regulations Take Effect

In a major overhaul of its rules, the TCEQ completes a two-year project to update the standards for designing and operating municipal solid waste facilities.

Vehicle Mercury Recovery is Under Way

The TCEQ oversees a program that encourages auto salvage facilities to remove mercury switches from vehicles headed to the junkyard.

Winners for the Environmentl

Recipients of the 2006 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards are in the spotlight. The program highlights initiatives and environmental performance around the state.

Partnering Up

The San Antonio River Basin gets a sixth water quality monitor—this one at the Witte Museum. All of the sites are supported by public or private partners.

TCEQ Veteran Retires

As a commissioner for 11 years, R.B. "Ralph" Marquez had a hand in developing many environmental programs for the state.

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