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Natural Outlook, Summer 2006

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Getting Creative with Conservation

High water use means high bills. That fact is driving many business enterprises to embrace various forms of water conservation and reuse. Natural Outlook looks at outstanding examples of water savers, drawing from the fields of business, agriculture, and the military.

Riding to the Rescue

Almost a year after a hurricane swamped much of East Texas, many public water systems are better prepared for such emergencies. With the new TxWARN system, utilities are gearing up to help other water and wastewater facilities that call for assistance.

Investigator using infrared-gas imaging camera.
Hunt for the Invisible

Investigators have a new tool in their arsenal. The infrared-gas imaging camera can see what the human eye cannot—emission leaks from valves, pipelines, and storage tanks. Remote sensing is an enhancement not only to air quality monitoring but to staff safety as well.

Electronic Menu

Whether it's reporting, permitting, licensing, registering, or paying fees, the chances are TCEQ customers can find a way to conduct their business via the Internet. The expansion of e-services is providing more user-friendly options.

Overdue Payments Draw Consequences

Starting Sept. 1, fees and penalties need to be paid in full before the TCEQ will accept applications for permits, licenses, registrations, or certifications.

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