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Natural Outlook, Fall 2006

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Rogers Lumber Co.
Offering a Helping Hand

The division of Small Business and Environmental Assistance offers a variety of programs for small businesses, industry, and local government. A staff of 80 provides expertise in matters of air and water quality, pollution prevention, rule making, environmental compliance, and hazardous waste. The division’s many outreach programs range from confidential site visits to awards for innovative practices.

LawN Order

The Landscape Irrigation Program wants homeowners to know the pitfalls of using unlicensed irrigators to install lawn sprinkler systems.

The Ties that Bind

Commissioner Martin A. Hubert arrives at the TCEQ with a broad background in law and state government.

Screening for Health

Having won an endorsement for its new ESL guidelines, the agency's toxicology team begins devising health-based standards for individual chemicals that affect air quality.

Publications Offer Environmental Guidance

A variety of agency publications are available to help small businesses and local governments become more familiar with environmental protection.

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