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Natural Outlook, Winter 2007

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Testing the Waters

The Clean Rivers Program oversees a comprehensive, coordinated campaign to monitor and assess water quality around the state. Through an elaborate network of partners, field teams are routinely dispatched to monitoring sites in all 23 major river basins.

Texas Watch on Duty

Texas Watch, based in San Marcos, trains volunteers to assist with water quality monitoring at local streams and creeks. The program also educates community groups on the need for clean water.

Latitude and Longitude

High-tech supervision is coming to the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan. GPS tracking units will soon be deployed to monitor the performance of some grant recipients.

Reflash and Refresh the Air

The TCEQ is encouraging fleet operators and heavy-duty truck drivers to curb emissions with some basic engine adjustments.

Fines Go to Work for the Environment

After some fine-tuning of the TCEQ's Supplemental Environmental Projects, more funds are being spent on beneficial projects in local communities.

Computer Kaput? Not at Goodwill!

By refurbishing unwanted computers, Goodwill Industries in Austin and San Antonio is generating revenue and keeping hazardous computer materials out of landfills.

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