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Natural Outlook, Fall 2007

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Police building
Blueprint for Sustainability

Green building trends are taking hold in Texas, with municipalities, hospitals, and universities helping to lead the way. The choice of efficient design and reduced demands on natural resources can produce long-term savings.

Leading Examples of Green Buildings

These projects are among a growing inventory of structures that have embraced the principles of conservation.

New Laws Await Implementation

With almost 200 new state laws affecting the agency, the TCEQ sets to work to implement the legislation, including expanded incentives for trimming emissions from vehicles and heavy equipment.

Taking Pride in the Neighborhood

Cleanup efforts in El Paso include a free lending program for lawn and garden implements.

Expedited-Enforcement Effort Grows

A year after the TCEQ began issuing field citations for some environmental infractions, the program is expanded.

Pollution Control Strategies to Expand

Commissioners approve more comprehensive measures to improve air quality in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth areas.

Hunting for Heroes

Applications are coming due for the 2008 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards.

Training Assistance Available

Federal grant funds will pay for operator training at small public water systems.

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