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Natural Outlook, Winter 2008

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Crushed cars
Trade Up to a Cleaner Ride

Older vehicles still in use are high emitters of pollution. For that reason, the Drive a Clean Machine initiative is offering to help owners of aging vehicles to buy a newer, cleaner car or truck.

TERP Grants Get a Boost

With new legislative funding, the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan kicks off 2008 with an offering of $137.5 million in incentive grants and rebates.

Girl on school bus
Clearing the Air

Under the Texas Clean School Bus Program, the state has expanded its mission to reduce the numbers of buses emitting harmful pollution in the presence of students. Funding is available to school districts looking to install pollution-control devices on buses.

Protecting the Edwards Aquifer

The Edwards Aquifer in Central Texas is the most economically productive aquifer in the state and—at the same time—the most ecologically vulnerable to outside elements. The TCEQ and other agencies keep a close eye on what is happening with this underground water resource.

Got Surplus? Find a Willing Buyer

The Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste has long helped businesses and local governments in Texas to find buyers for surplus materials. Now, RENEW has started to operate on a multi-state basis.

River and Sky mascots
Meet River and Sky

The TCEQ is introducing two floppy-eared canines as the spokesdogs for educational materials designed for youngsters.

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