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Natural Outlook, Spring 2008

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Forecast for Houston: Air Quality Improving

The TCEQ compiles an array of strategies and high-tech equipment to address Houston's air quality.

Oh, Say, Can You See?

The TCEQ prepares to address federal concerns about regional haze at national parks.

Bryan Shaw
At the Head of His Class

Commissioner Bryan W. Shaw takes a leave from academia to join the TCEQ.

Occupational Licensing Gets an Update

Several rule changes affect the licensing requirements for 10 occupations.

Air Initiatives Yield Results

The areas of Austin, San Antonio, and Northeast Texas successfully complete the terms of their Early Action Compact agreements.

Dollar signs
Late Payments Come Due

A stricter policy on delinquent fees and penalties produced results the first year of implementation.

Student Design Takes Off

Drive a Clean Machine gets a new logo to promote cleaner emissions.

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