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Natural Outlook, Summer 2008

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Need Water? Look to the Sky

The age-old custom of capturing rainfall is seeing a revival. Rainwater harvesting can shave utility bills and provide plants their favorite drink. Practitioners share their experiences.

Water Wizards

The TCEQ is finding more uses for its Continuous Water Quality Monitoring Network, which now has 57 stations. Not only is the network expanding, but these monitors perform increasingly complex tasks.

Emission-Reducing Programs Go the Distance

Through two major programs, the TCEQ is working to reduce emissions from vehicles and heavy machinery.

Multiple Strategies at Play

The TCEQ has implemented a full range of cleanup and pollution-detection activities in the North Bosque River watershed, near Waco.

Bahia Grande wetlands
Comeback on the Coast

The impressive restoration of the wetlands at Bahia Grande near Brownsville has been recognized with a Texas Environmental Excellence Award.

Outdated Computers Destined for Recycling

Rules are in place for the September kick-off of the state's computer recycling program. Manufacturers wanting to sell computers must provide recycling for home users.

Ease on Down the Road

About 2,700 school buses will be riding cleaner this fall, thanks to the Texas Clean School Bus Program.

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