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Natural Outlook, Fall 2008

Table of contents for this issue

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Emergency and Disaster Recovery

As Hurricane Ike roared onshore, the TCEQ and other first responders were preparing to enter devastated areas as soon as possible. Agency staff spent weeks in the hardest-hit areas, evaluating environmental problems and helping to restore vital services.

The Environment Knows No Borders

Chairman Buddy Garcia explains the importance of cross-border cooperation with Mexico.

Rising through the Ranks

A few months into the job as executive director, Mark Vickery shares some thoughts about his new role as the agency's chief administrator.

Incentives Help Pave the Way to Cleaner Air

Two voluntary programs administered by the TCEQ are achieving significant reductions in harmful emissions.

Web Redesign Debuts

Changes to the TCEQ Web site make it easier to find information about environmental programs.

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