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Natural Outlook, Winter 2010

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Cypress-tupelo swamp.
Cooperative Solutions for the Environment

When oil or hazardous substances are discharged into the environment, fish, wildlife, plants, and other natural resources can be injured. When this happens in Texas, one program that often steps in to ensure the restoration of lost natural resources is the Natural Resource Trustee Program.

Krause Springs.
Groundwater Conservation Districts

Most of the water consumed in Texas is groundwater. As the demand for this precious resource grows, so does its need for management and protection.

Carlos Rubinstein.
Longtime TCEQ Employee Appointed New Commissioner

Carlos Rubinstein brings unique insight into agency operations.

Mapping the Environment

Geographic information systems at the TCEQ.

Take Care of Texas.
Resolve to Take Care of Texas

Add some environmentally friendly practices to your New Year’s resolutions.

Interns Get Real-World Environmental Experience

Mickey Leland internships bridge academia and the workplace.

Computer mouse.
Save Time. Go Online.

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