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Natural Outlook, Winter 2004

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Multi-level freeway interchange
Reclaimed and Reused

While curbside recycling of household refuse has gotten the most attention, the materials discarded at construction sites open up a new world of recycling possibilities. Public and private contractors are stepping into that void and finding ways to give old materials new purpose.
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Compost Gets High Marks for Fertility, Economy

A partnership that began as an experiment is winning kudos, as the TCEQ and TxDOT demonstrate that even a little compost can go a long way.
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Manure Turned into Beneficial Product

An innovative composting program helps one rural area populated with dairy farms to deal with long-standing water quality problems.
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New Technical Team Keeps an Eye on Standards

A new division at the TCEQ—the Chief Engineer's Office—has been established to advise the executive director and top managers on technical and policy matters and to help maintain consistency.
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Assistance on Storm Water Regulations

The TCEQ hosts workshops around the state to acquaint small businesses with the new requirements to control storm water runoff.
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