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Natural Outlook, 2012

Articles for this year
TCEQ Year in Review
December 2012

Fiscal year 2012 at the TCEQ saw challenges resulting from drought and growth addressed with teamwork and diligence.
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IR camera
Making Air Emissions Visible
November 2012

The GasFind IR camera is helping the TCEQ "see" air emissions that are invisible to the unaided eye. This is making investigators more efficient and keeping the air cleaner.
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Toxic air
Protecting Texans from Toxics
September/October 2012

As more businesses come to Texas, the TCEQ's Toxicology Division focuses on how industry can interact with an also-growing state population, without being detrimental to human health.
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Fracking illustration
Texas in Vanguard of Nationwide Oil and Gas Energy Boom
August 2012

Texas finds itself in the vanguard of a nationwide energy boom.
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Toby Baker
TCEQ Welcomes Commissioner Toby Baker
July 2012

Native Texan and lifelong outdoor enthusiast strives to build partnerships with everyone who benefits from the environment.
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Trade fair booth
Environmental Trade Fair and Conference Hits the 20-Year Mark
June 2012

Almost 3,000 people from around the country attended the 20th annual Environmental Trade Fair and Conference in Austin May 1-2, which also honored winners of the Texas Environmental Excellence Awards.
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Turkmenistan flag
TCEQ Hosts International Visitors Interested in Shale Production
May 2012

From Canada and China, to Turkmenistan and the United Kingdom, the agency has received global delegations wanting to learn more about the state's role in oil and gas production.
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O.C. Fisher Reservoir
State Agencies Team Up to Help Water Systems Plan to Prevent Emergency Shortages
April 2012

The TCEQ worked with other state agencies to present a series of workshops around the state to educate water operators on planning ahead to avoid running out of drinking water during a drought.
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Helotes mulch fire
Big Changes Coming to TCEQ’s Emergency Response Structure
March 2012

The TCEQ's emergency response management structure is being changed to increase efficiencies and to place control and direction of the response teams at the regional level.
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Jail cell
TCEQ Environmental Crimes Investigators Pursue Worst Willful Polluters
February 2012

The agency's environmental crime investigators take custody of the state’s pollution offenses as members of the Texas Environmental Enforcement Task Force.
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Test tubes
Potential or Actual Harm: Dispute Over Effluent Discharge Requirements
January 2012

The TCEQ continues to promote requirements for whole effluent toxicity testing based on actual results rather than on potential effects, as favored by the EPA.
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