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Natural Outlook, 2013

Articles for this year.
tap water
Consumer Confidence Reports: What's in Your Drinking Water?
December 2013/January 2014

Community water systems in Texas are required to file a report to their customers every year. Find out more about these reports, how to read them, and what to look for.
Download December/January PDF.

Maintaining Air Quality in the Eagle Ford Shale
November 2013

The TCEQ works diligently to preserve air quality in the Eagle Ford Shale, while at the same time allowing development of this important natural resource that is so important to the Texas economy.
Download November PDF.

Weathering the Elements
October 2013

Agency scientists observe wind, solar radiation, humidity, and air temperatures that contribute to the formation of air pollutants, or ozone.
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TCEQ Has Successful 83rd Legislative Session
September 2013

The 83rd legislative session was relatively quiet for the TCEQ. Appropriations to increase five percent for the next biennium, to $734 million.
Download September PDF.

Extended Drought Fosters New Approaches
August 2013

While Texas has endured wide-spread drought conditions since the Fall of 2010, the challenges at the local level vary—and so do the solutions. Some systems are seeing their long-term planning pay off, others are working together to address water needs of the region.
Download August PDF.

Check Out Our Library
July 2013

With 65,000 books and 250 journal titles, the TCEQ is home to one of the largest state agency libraries in Texas.
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Kevin Fowler
Kevin Fowler, TCEQ, and TPWD Team Up to Take Care of Texas
June 2013

Country music star Kevin Fowler has graciously donated his time and talent to team up with the TCEQ and the TPWD to produce a new public service announcement that promotes outdoor recreation in Texas and encourages protection of the state's natural resources.
Download June PDF.

Texas Environmental Excellence Awards 2013
May 2013

This year's winners once again represent the best in innovation, collaboration, and plain hard work required to improve and sustain the state's environment.
Download May PDF.

PAH lab
Making the Unseen Visible
April 2013

At the TCEQ air lab, located in north Austin, close to 7,500 ambient air samples are analyzed every year—using the latest scientific research and cutting-edge technology.
Download April PDF.

PM2.5 Standards May Be Set Lower than Scientifically Justifiable
March 2013

Late last year the EPA revised the national standard for PM2.5, particulates smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter. The TCEQ commented on the new standard, expressing concern that the new standard was unreasonably strict and unsupported by available scientific research.
Download March PDF.

Texans Take Action Addressing Future Water Supplies
February 2013

Various local efforts are helping communities, agriculture and industry avoid water shortages and extend supplies for the future.
Download February PDF.

Water drop
Water Issues on Tap for Upcoming Legislative Session
January 2013

Managing the state's resources with unprecedented weather, increasing population and robust business climate, will present legislators with hard decisions regarding the basic needs of the state’s citizens.
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