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Natural Outlook, 2014

Articles for this year.
TCEQ Hits the Road
December 2014

Sometimes there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction, especially when you have questions about a rapidly changing landscape in your backyard. TCEQ experts representing a wide array of agency programs staffed an open house in Karnes County to answer questions from the public on environmental issues related to oil and gas exploration.
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TCEQ Plots a Course with Environmental Mapping
November 2014

Think of a map and you might think of that multi-fold stuffed in your car, but at the TCEQ these spatial tools are high tech, and allow the agency to efficiently chart its statewide duties.
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Will EPA’s Proposed New Ozone Standards Provide Measurable Health Benefits?
October 2014

After an in-depth review of the EPA's analysis, as well as a thorough study of the relevant scientific literature, the TCEQ has concluded that there will be little to no public health benefit from lowering the current ozone standard.
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Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP)
September 2014

Since its inception in 2001, the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) Diesel Emissions Reductions Incentive (DERI) program has awarded over $905 million to provide incentives to reduce emissions from vehicles and equipment operating in Texas, reducing more than 160,836 tons of ozone-forming NOx.
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water towers
TCEQ Hosts Workshops for Small-Water-System Professionals
August 2014

Small public water system operators are faced with a number of challenges from aging infrastructure to rapid population growth and drought. Sometimes funding does not keep pace. The TCEQ hosts workshops around the state and provides tools to help these operators properly value assets and plan for the future.
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The Air Pollutant Watch List: A Record of Success
July 2014

Steady declines in chemical concentrations, support from area industries, and extensive public input have been instrumental in removing sites from the Air Pollutant Watch List, the mechanism that the TCEQ uses to reduce emissions of air toxics and ensure that ambient concentrations of air toxics remain below levels of concern.
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trade fair
2014 Conference Benefits Environment and Business
May/June 2014

The TCEQ hosted the annual environmental trade show and fair for the 22nd time earlier this month. The agency also highlighted the state’s most noteworthy environmental projects by honoring this year’s Texas Environmental Excellence Award winners.
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Zak Covar
Zak Covar Builds on a Firm Foundation
March/April 2014

Covar is appointed commissioner after serving as executive director and deputy executive director.
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tech image
Staying Connected: TCEQ’s Internet Presence Grows with Its Available Online Resources
February 2014

With an updated website and use of social media, the agency expands its role as an online environmental resource.
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tap water
Consumer Confidence Reports: What's in Your Drinking Water?
December 2013/January 2014

Community water systems in Texas are required to file a report to their customers every year. Find out more about these reports, how to read them, and what to look for.
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