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Natural Outlook, 2017

Articles for the year.

This is the last year we published Natural Outlook. See our updated venue, TCEQNews.

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Innovating Excellence
June 2017

The TCEQ's commissioners recently recognized an extraordinary group of individuals and organizations with the state's highest environmental honor for doing their part to protect and preserve valuable resources for generations to come.
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Recycling the Landfill
April/May 2017

Landfill mining, which is being tested in Denton, has enormous potential to considerably expand the lifecycle of landfills, recover valuable materials that have been wasted, produce more energy, and possibly even create new uses for closed landfills.
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Health on Wheels
March 2017

To ensure that the TCEQ’s environmental investigators have not inadvertently exposed themselves to harmful chemicals, air contaminants, or excessive noise while on the job, they undergo a yearly comprehensive physical checkup that is handled by a mobile team that visits all of the agency’s regional offices.
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Clearing the Air
February 2017

Targeted approach proves successful at improving air quality around the state.
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2016: A Look Back
January 2017

Over the past year, the TCEQ has had many challenges, but TCEQ staff have risen to the occasion time after time. This month’s Natural Outlook includes some of the highlights experienced by the agency during that time.
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