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Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report 2015, SFR-056/15

Annual report on the quality of groundwater in Texas. Lists all current groundwater-contamination cases in the state and their enforcement status

Texas Water Code, Section 26.406 requires the annual report to describe the current status of groundwater monitoring activities conducted or required by each agency at regulated facilities or associated with regulated activities. The report is required to contain a description of each case of groundwater contamination documented during the previous calendar year. Also to be included, is a description of each case of contamination documented during previous periods for which voluntary clean up action was incomplete at the time the preceding report was issued. The report is also required to indicate the status of enforcement action for each listed case.

Joint Groundwater Monitoring and Contamination Report – 2015 (SFR-056/15) Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

User's Guide

The report is divided into two sections. The first section, Groundwater Protection Program Descriptions, provides a narrative, program-specific overview for each contributing agency or organization. The second section, Groundwater Contamination Case Descriptions, contains a tabular listing of individual contamination cases which were documented for the calendar year. For more information see the User's Guide in the report.

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Using the Contamination Case Description Tables

Case descriptions are presented in a tabular format for contributing agencies with enforcement authority over current groundwater contamination cases.

The first page of each agency's table contains a legend of the column headings and a brief description of each heading. The legend describes attributes that may be unique to that particular table; however, some of the heading descriptions are common to all agency tables. A summary of the Enforcement Status, Activity Status, and Data Quality codes used in the tables is available. Adobe Acrobat PDF Document

To find a specific contamination case, locate the county of interest on the bookmark of the adobe file. All contamination cases are bookmarked by county names which are listed alphabetically in tables. By clicking on the Groundwater Contamination Description by County, the page will take you to the first listed contamination case for that particular county. All documented contamination cases for that county are listed under the respective division or regulatory program heading that has jurisdiction over that case. Under each division heading, contamination case descriptions are listed in alphabetical order according to file names. A location reference is provided in the tables and can be used to locate a specific case if the file name is unknown.

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Requesting Information

After locating the file number and the division or regulatory program heading for the agency, you may file an open records request to obtain additional information related to the case. Contacts for the agencies and districts are located in Appendix 7 of the report. Central Records locations for the agencies are located in Appendix 8.

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