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Chapter 2: Agency Activities (FY2013-2014)

This chapter examines some of the major programs underway at the TCEQ to address the agency’s goals of protecting public health and the state’s natural resources. (Biennial Report to the 84th Legislature, FY2013-FY2014)

On an ongoing basis, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality deals with serious environmental challenges. Most Texans are affected one way or another by the agency’s major responsibilities—air quality, water quality, water supply, waste management, and pollution prevention. Public health is a leading concern for the 2,700 agency personnel.

Staff members perform compliance investigations, supervise air and water monitoring stations, evaluate permit applications, and oversee cleanup of contaminated properties. To encourage environmental stewardship, the agency conducts environmental education programs, provides technical assistance, and promotes recycling and conservation.

This chapter addresses how the TCEQ fulfills its major responsibilities through the many programs designed around environmental protection. All of these programs are ongoing and continue to build on experiences gleaned from previous years.

For the most part, this chapter examines activities that occurred during fiscal 2013 and 2014, a period starting September 1, 2012, and ending August 31, 2014.