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Potential Impacts to TCEQ Customer Service Due to COVID-19

While TCEQ is taking steps to minimize the impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 on both our staff and our customers, customer service or normal communication to parties outside of the agency could be affected. This webpage will highlight impacts you may encounter, and will be updated as they are known.

TCEQ Building Closures and Staff Availability

Public access to TCEQ offices—both Austin and our regional offices—is limited during the COVID-19 pandemic. TCEQ staff and services are available through regular lines of communication, including by phone, email, and other virtual technologies.

Public access to TCEQ offices for designated services may be requested by appointment when other means of conducting agency business have been explored and determined by the agency to be ineffective.

In confirming an appointment request, TCEQ will provide visitors a paper-less, digital sign-in/out process, along with our current visitor safety protocols to help keep all parties safe.

See our list of program email boxes and our telephone directory.

Requests for Records

NOTICE: TCEQ is currently operating remotely and with reduced staff in the office. This may impact our staff’s ability to access records. Some responses to requests for public information may be delayed until the agency fully resumes normal operations. Please continue to check our website for updates.

To access the Central File Room, you can make an appointment to visit the Central File Room Viewing Area through an email request to

Please visit the Texas Attorney General’s Open Government webpage Update: Calculation of Business Days and COVID-19Exit the TCEQ for more information.

Public Meetings and Hearings on Permitting Cases

Please periodically check our calendar of upcoming public meetings, notice and comment hearings, informal public hearings, and contested case hearings on permitting applications for updates, in the event the public hearing or meeting must be: conducted remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions, delayed, or cancelled.

Submitting Filings and Comments to the Chief Clerk

Under COVID-19 state directives to protect public health, the OCC is NOT accepting hand deliveries without an appointment. The OCC is open to the public by appointment-only starting June 15 to accept filings or view documents. Individuals are asked to call 512-239-3300 or to send an email to at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.

Alternatives to hand delivery:

You can submit filings and comments online thru eFiling or eComments.

Mail, Email, or Fax:

  • Mail: Office of the Chief Clerk, MC 105, TCEQ, PO Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: 512-239-3311
  • Remember to include your contact information (mailing address and phone number).
  • For filings: Always include a TCEQ docket number when you mail, email, or fax filings.
  • For comments: Always include a TCEQ permit number when you mail, email, or fax comments on a pending permit application.

Questions: Call 512-239-3300 to leave a voicemail. Voicemail and email will be monitored throughout the day.

TERP Grant Documents

TCEQ will be accepting grant documents from applicants or existing grantees under the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) by email, fax 512-239-6161, or regular mail. TCEQ will still require that grant documents submitted by email or fax be signed by the appropriate party. Grant documents include, but are not limited to, applications, contracts, requests for reimbursement, disposition verification requests, and usage reports.

Staff remain available to answer questions regarding the status of TERP grant programs, applications, and existing grant projects at