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Air Quality Monitoring: ITC Fire Incident

Our ambient air monitoring network routinely collects data from stationary monitors around the Houston area. However on March 18, 2019, in response to the ITC fire, we deployed two additional air monitoring stations strategically located in coordination with the unified command for the incident. In addition, our environmental investigators conducted hand-held monitoring and used air monitoring vans in the area, and EPA’s ASPECT airplane and TAGA bus provided air monitoring as well. We posted monitoring results as we analyzed the data. Data from our stationary network was last posted Aug. 30, 2019.

The Texas Department of State Health Services evaluated air monitoring data from TCEQ continuous air monitoring stations in Harris County near the location of the ITC fire. Read a summary of their findings Adobe Acrobat PDF Document .

Important information Air Monitoring Data Graphs:

Important information Gráficos de Datos de Calidad de Aire:

Important information TCEQ Handheld Air Monitoring Data:

Important information TCEQ Air Monitoring Van Data Summary

Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC), through its contractor CTEH, conducted handheld, real-time air monitoring in accordance with two distinct sampling plans: 1) community and 2) industrial area.

Industrial area air monitoring data was provided in real-time to the primary on-scene response partners, including local governments responsible for making decisions related to public safety, such as to shelter-in-place.

The following industrial area sampling plans and data represent air monitoring conducted by CTEH in or near industrial areas, including the ITC site and other areas with restricted public access.

Please note that data from the TCEQ’s separate and independent air monitoring activities conducted in community areas are available to the public above on this webpage. TCEQ data was derived from stationary monitors, handheld monitoring equipment as well as air monitoring vans.

Important information View ITC air sampling data and sampling action plans.

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Map of TCEQ air monitors in the Houston area

GeoTAM Viewer: The Geographical Texas Air Quality Monitoring viewer can access information about air quality monitors, view and print maps of areas of interest, and obtain details about selected air monitors and their surrounding area.

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