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purge test

purge test

This is a page to test Cache purge on the Covid19 file that updates every friday.

The file is overwritten in place, the expectation is that the file on the original page would show the new file after it is overwritten.    The direct link updates, but the link on the referring page shows an unpurged version.

The only difference between this page and the referring page... this is a normal page.  The referring page is a MOSAIC page and the link is in a rich text block.

Original Issue

File download (using TinyMCE picker, not purged)

File download (using@@ direct link)

TEST PDF downloads

application/pdfTest PDF download 1  (using TInyMCE picker)

Test PDF download 2  (using direct @@ link)

Test PDF - download 3  (using /view link)

TEST WORD 8-18-2020

Test Doc download 1 (using TinyMCE picker)

Test Doc download 2 (using direct @@link)

Test Doc - download 3 (using /view link)