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Toxicology Staff and Contact Information

TCEQ Toxicology staff contact information.

E-mail us at If you wish to reach a particular staff member, please put “Attn:” and the staffer’s name in the subject line.

Phone Numbers

Toll-Free: 1-877-992-8370
Local: 512/239-1795
Fax: 512/239-1794


Toxicology Division Director

Michael Honeycutt, Ph.D.

Toxicology Division Section Manager

Sabine Lange, Ph.D., DABT


Stanley Aniagu, Ph.D.

Sainath Babu, Ph.D.

Angela Curry, M.S.

Janet Hamilton, Ph.D.

Joseph Haney, M.S.

Allison Jenkins, M.P.H.

Jong-Song Lee, Ph.D.

Stony Lo, Ph.D.

Darrell McCant, M.P.H.

Jessica Myers, Ph.D.

Nnamdi Nnoli, Ph.D.

Tracie Phillips, Ph.D.

Swati Rawat, Ph.D.

Lalita Shrestha, Ph.D.