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Sampling Data Query, Surface Water Quality Monitoring - NO LONGER IN USE PLEASE USE CRP DATA TOOL OR SWQMIS DATA TOOL

Build queries for accessing surface water quality monitoring data in Texas.

This page is no longer in use. Previously, it provided users with the ability to build queries for accessing surface water quality monitoring data in Texas. This tool is no longer updated. Please use the CRP Data Tool or the SWQM Data Tool.

Data Structure and Use

The data that is available through this query includes data that was collected under a TCEQ-approved quality assurance project plan and met the requirements of NELAP (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, July 2008) for select laboratory analyses.

Use of the data query requires knowledge of the file structures and protocols of the state's surface water quality monitoring program. Information on file structures, code descriptions, and reporting requirements is provided in the Data Management Reference Guide.

Information on the Two Related Text Files:

  • The sample > EVENTS file provides the station ID, sample date and time, sample depth, and the entity that did the sampling. Descriptions of the site location for each station identification number can be found using the Monitoring Stations tables.
  • The sample >RESULTS file provides the monitoring parameter code, date, and measurement information collected for each event. There are many results for each event and they are related by a common Tag ID. Parameter codes can be identified using the Monitoring Parameters search.
  • Data are available from 01/01/1968 to the present, and are updated the first week of every month; however, due to quality assurance reviews data may not be available for the most recent months. Monitoring stations and activities have changed over time, therefore, data may not be available at select locations in any one year.

Query the Data

Select one of each item (file type, year, and basin or segment). You will need to repeat each query to get both file types (event and result). Query results are returned in text files delimited with a "|" symbol. These two files can be imported into Excel or Access and related using the Tag ID. Due to time-out issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is important to SAVE THE TEXT FILE as soon as possible, or some records may be deleted.

Select a file type

Select a year

Select a basin or segment (view maps of basins and segments)

Press to complete the query or to start over. (Save the file as soon as possible to prevent the loss of data.)

For More Information

If you need assistance, or experience difficulty with queries run from this page, please e-mail crp@tceq.texas.gov.

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