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Surface Water Quality Monitoring: Annual Workshop

The annual SWQM Workshop is held in the fall of each year. It brings together surface water monitoring professionals in Texas who provide water quality data to the TCEQ to learn about procedures for assuring the quality and comparability of data, and to share advances in research.

Besides getting hands-on training in surface water and biological monitoring protocols, participants can: 

  • learn about TCEQ quality assurance measures and program updates
  • interact with other water-quality professionals
  • share information about research, new technologies, and future directions

27th Annual SWQM Workshop—October 29–31, 2013, Austin, Texas


All presentations given at the 2013 workshop are linked below in PDF Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, in the order they appear on the workshop agenda.

October 29 Presentations
Welcome and Overview of the Status of the 2014 Integrated Report
—A.Sullivan (TCEQ)
Evaluation of Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in Ecoregion 34
—M. Kelly, TCEQ Region 12, Houston
Technical Overview of YSI 6 series Multiprobe Instruments
—T. Finnegan, Yellow Springs Instruments
Benthic Macroinvertebrates of Ecoregion 34
—L. Metzmeier, TCEQ Region 12, Houston
Status of Biological Monitoring in Texas
—B. Harrison, TCEQ
Texas Instream Flow Program Studies in the San Antonio, Guadalupe, Brazos, and Trinity River Basins
—K. Mayes,TPWD; G. Gable, TCEQ; and M. Wentzel, TWDB
Seagrass Monitoring: Vital Habitat for Texas
—P. Radloff, TPWD
National Rivers and Streams Assessment 2013–2014
—J. Oakley, University of Houston, Clear Lake
Projects in SWMQIS
–C. Anderson, TCEQ
The Monitoring Type Code
—N. Ragland, TCEQ
Technical Overview of Hydrolab Multiprobe Instruments
—K. Labar, Hach-Hydromet
Water Rights Permit Monitoring: Challenging Demands on SWQM Resources
—M. Keller, TCEQ Program Support Section
Monitoring Flows in Drought
—W. Snyder and R. Ozment, TCEQ Region 9, Waco
October 30 Presentations
Biological Monitoring Tools and Tips
—B. Harrison, TCEQ
Restoring Austin’s Urban Riparian Corridors
—M. Scoggins, City of Austin
Monitoring and Assessment for Watershed Protection Plans
—D. Magin, Guadalupe Blanco River Authority
Lake Wright Patman: Challenges Facing a 21st Century Lake
—M. Buttram, Chemistry Department, Texarkana College
October 31st Presentations
Monitoring in Region 16
—E. Hull and B. Rojas, TCEQ Region 16, Laredo
Predicting E. coli Levels in the Trinity River for Issuing Contact Recreation Warnings in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
—A. Kilpatrick, Trinity River Authority
UT Fishes of Texas Project: Solutions for Long-term Voucher Storage
—Dr. D. Hendrickson, Curator of Ichthyology, UH, Austin
Invasive Species
—E. Chilton, TPWD
New Boat and Equipment Cleaning Procedures to Prevent the Spread of Zebra Mussels
—C. Kolbe, TCEQ
Texas Watershed Protection Plans
—A. Chalise, TCEQ
Texas Surface Water Quality Standards Update
—J. Davenport, TCEQ

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