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Brady Creek: Developing a Watershed Protection Plan

A project to develop a watershed protection plan for Brady Creek.


Since 2004, the urbanized part of Brady Creek in the city of Brady has had dissolved oxygen levels that are lower than optimal for the support of aquatic life. The low oxygen levels have been linked to the construction of Brady Lake in the 1960s, which interrupted the previous flow pattern in the river below the dam.

The resulting eutrophication of the river, which involved extensive algae blooms and several fish kills, prompted the Upper Colorado River Authority (UCRA) and local partners to initiate a watershed protection plan.

A previous project developed a Brady Creek Watershed Characterization Plan. That plan developed water quality data and watershed modeling results that contributed significantly to the WPP.

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Project Description

In 2016 the UCRA completed and the EPA accepted a WPP for Brady Creek (Segments 1416A, 1416B, and 1416C). The primary goal of the plan is to improve dissolved oxygen conditions to levels that fully support the aquatic life in the stream.

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