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Clear Creek Tidal: Implementing TMDLs through Low Impact Development in League City

This grant-supported project installed low impact development (LID) features in League City to support the TMDL Implementation Plan (I-Plan) for Clear Creek Tidal.


League City is southeast of the city of Houston, on the south shore of Clear Lake. It straddles the watersheds of Clear Creek and Dickinson Bayou, two important recreational water resources, neither of which meet the criteria for fecal bacteria levels in the state water quality standards for contact recreation use. High concentrations of bacteria may indicate a health risk to people who swim or wade in the rivers—activities referred as “contact recreation” in the state’s Standards for surface water quality. 

Watershed stakeholders and TCEQ developed a TMDL I-Plan to reduce bacteria levels in Clear Creek and many other Houston-area water bodies. The Commission approved the I-Plan in 2013.

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Project Description

League City installed LID features in a demonstration park, including swales, rain gardens, pervious pavement, rainwater harvesting, green roof, "Water Smart Landscaping," and vegetated buffers. The features' performance in improving water quality was monitored, and results may be used in developing appropriate storm water ordinances.

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For More Information

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