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Comal River and Dry Comal Creek: Characterization and Watershed Plan Development

Projects to develop a watershed plan for Dry Comal Creek and the Comal River in two phases: characterization and watershed plan development.


In 2012, Dry Comal Creek (Segment 1811A), a major tributary of the Comal River, was listed as impaired for bacteria. Bacteria levels in the Comal River are rising as the watersheds rapidly urbanize. return to top Return to top

Project Description

Phase I of this project produced a watershed characterization for the Comal River, which includes Dry Comal Creek. Potential bacteria loads from various sources within the watershed were evaluated, and load duration curves (LDCs) were used to estimate pollutant load reductions needed to meet state water quality standards.

Phase II of this project built on the watershed characterization to develop a final watershed protection plan for the Comal River and tributaries Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, which EPA accepted in 2018.

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