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Cypress Creek in the Guadalupe River Basin: Developing a Watershed Protection Plan

A grant-supported project to develop a watershed protection plan (WPP) for Cypress Creek, a tributary of the Blanco River within the larger Guadalupe River watershed.


Cypress Creek, Segment 1815 of the Guadalupe River Basin, originates in western Hays County and flows into the Blanco River. Jacob's Well, an artesian spring, contributes perennial flow to Cypress Creek that is critical for maintaining adequate dissolved oxygen levels in the creek.

Concerns about possible loss of flow from Jacob's Well and increases in bacteria and nutrient levels in Cypress Creek led stakeholders to pursue development of a watershed protection plan (WPP). A stakeholder is anyone who lives or works in a watershed or any organization whose activities may affect water quality in the watershed.

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Project Description

This project developed a WPP for Cypress Creek in two phases.

In Phase I, completed in November 2010, stakeholder formed a group to develop a plan for the river, staff completed a characterization of the watershed, and stakeholders agreed on a decision-support system for selecting management measures that would address water quality concerns.

In Phase II, completed in 2013, the stakeholders completed their WPP for improving the creek. EPA accepted the WPP in 2015.

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For More Information

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