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Guadalupe-Blanco River: Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Installation and operation of additional stations to continuously monitor water quality; establishment of real-time monitoring displays at public locations in the watershed.


The Guadalupe River Basin Monitoring Network is a collaborative effort among the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA), the Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust, the United States Geological Survey, and the TCEQ. The network was formed in response to the fact that some water bodies within the Guadalupe River Basin did not meet Water Quality Standards. The goal of the network was to create continuously operated water quality monitoring (CWQM) stations throughout the basin to characterize current conditions and monitor for changes. The data GBRA and others gather from these stations allows stakeholders to better manage the quality of their creeks.

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Project Description

Partner organizations added CWQM stations at three locations: Cypress Creek (near the confluence with the Blanco River); Geronimo Creek (at SH 123 in Guadalupe County); and Sandies Creek (near Cuero). These sites were chosen because none of the creeks meet water quality standards designed to assure the safety of recreational users who come in contact with them. GBRA and stakeholders needed additional information to help them identify the next appropriate steps for reducing bacteria levels in the streams to within levels considered safe for contact recreation.

After this project was completed, stakeholders developed watershed protection plans (WPPs) for the Cypress Creek and Geronimo Creek watersheds. Data from the CWQM monitoring sites, still in operation on these creeks, now helps stakeholders evaluate the effectiveness of the practices they implemented through the WPPs.

GBRA informed the public about water quality conditions in the Guadalupe River Basin during this project through electronic notifications, educational computer kiosks placed at strategic locations within each watershed, and updates to the GBRA website.

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For More Information

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