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Hickory Creek Watershed: Watershed Protection Plan Implementation

The City of Denton implemented best management practices from the Hickory Creek Watershed Protection Plan.


Hickory Creek is a predominantly rural watershed. While it is currently meeting designated uses, it is under significant development pressures. Hickory Creek serves as a good example of conditions in the larger Lake Lewisville watershed, which is also under substantial development pressures.

More than one assessment of water quality has highlighted nutrient concerns throughout the lake’s watershed. Modeling at the subwatershed level and associated research during development of a watershed protection plan (WPP) indicated that future development could degrade water quality and threaten beneficial uses like fishing or water supply.

To address nutrient concerns and minimize adverse effects of development, the City of Denton developed the Hickory Creek Watershed Protection Plan

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Project Description

This City of Denton installed four structural best management practices (BMPs). The number of sites and type of BMPs were selected based on the size, cost, estimated pollutant-load reductions, and the specific site conditions related to each BMP considered. The project used a combination of natural treatment techniques along with proven nutrient and sediment removal structures. The city also made code modifications and initiated partner collaborations to protect the watershed for years to come. The project was completed in August 2013.

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For More Information

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