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Lower Nueces River Watershed: Feasibility Study for Septic System Conversion

The Nueces River Authority evaluated the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and water quality benefits of replacing septic systems with centralized wastewater services in a portion of Corpus Christi, Texas.


The Nueces River below Lake Corpus Christi does not meet state water quality standards for total dissolved solids, and although the river meets state water quality standards for bacteria for primary contact recreation (i.e., swimming wading, etc.), the Nueces River Authority (NRA) and Clean River Program's 2013 Basin Summary Report .

In 2009 NRA prepared a Source Water Protection plan Lower Nueces River Watershed Partnership , City of Corpus Christi, and NRA developed the Lower Nueces River Watershed Protection Plan (WPP). The Lower Nueces WPP includes management measures to address all water quality issues and concerns.

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Project Description

NRA and the City of Corpus Christi evaluated the feasibility of connecting about 30 homes with septic systems to existing wastewater collection pipes or using alternative collection systems such as pressure sewers. These systems prevent groundwater infiltration from septic systems and standard collection systems, particularly in areas with high groundwater levels as in the project area. The study concluded that septic system repairs and replacements combined with connecting some of the higher elevation homes to wastewater collection pipes would improve water quality. The project ended in January 2020.

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For More Information

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