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Lower Nueces River Watershed: Feasibility Study for Septic System Conversion

A project to evaluate the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and water quality benefits of replacing septic systems with centralized wastewater services in a portion of Corpus Christi, Texas.


In 2009, the Nueces River Authority (NRA) prepared a Source Water Protection planExit the TCEQ Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, for the City of Corpus Christi, to address turbidity in its water supply. In 2011, concerned citizens formed the Lower Nueces River Watershed PartnershipExit the TCEQ to develop a watershed protection plan (WPP). Although the segment is not impaired for bacteria, the Nueces River Authority’s 2013 Basin Summary ReportExit the TCEQ Adobe Acrobat PDF Document identified an increasing trend in bacteria concentrations there. The Lower Nueces WPP includes management measures to address all water quality issues and concerns. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accepted the WPP in 2016.

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Project Description

With assistance from the Nueces River Authority, the City of Corpus Christi will evaluate the cost and feasibility as well as the water quality benefits of connecting approximately 30 homes in a low-lying area of the city to its municipal wastewater system. Alternative wastewater collection technology such as pressure sewers will be included in the analysis.

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