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Water Quality Monitoring Projects

Links to NPS projects whose primary tasks include monitoring water quality and/or flow monitoring.

Title Description Image
Arroyo Colorado: Monitoring Low Impact Development Techniques Texas A&M University at Kingsville will conduct water quality monitoring to determine the effectiveness of bioswales and bioretention systems.
Brady Creek Watershed: Hydrodynamic Separator and Public Outreach Upper Colorado River Authority is implementing best management practices to remove debris, sediment, and oil and grease from storm water in the City of Brady, and promote the restoration of Brady Creek.
Clear Creek Tidal: Implementing TMDLs through Low Impact Development in League City This grant-supported project installed low impact development (LID) features in League City to support the TMDL Implementation Plan (I-Plan) for Clear Creek Tidal.
Colorado River Below E.V. Spence: Investigating Sources of Chloride and Total Dissolved Solids The Upper Colorado River Authority is conducting a field study to identify the source of increasing salt content (chloride and total dissolved solids concentrations) in the Colorado River below E.V. Spence Reservoir.
Cypress Creek in the San Jacinto River Basin: Developing a Watershed Protection Plan A grant-supported project to develop a watershed protection plan for Cypress Creek, Segment 1009, in northwestern Harris County.
La Nana Bayou Watershed Characterization A project to determine the causes and sources of pollution in La Nana Bayou.
Lavaca River: Coordinating Implementation A completed project to support a wide range of implementation measures for the Lavaca River Watershed Protection Plan (WPP); primarily outreach, education, and water quality monitoring.
Lower Laguna Madre: Watershed Protection Plan (South) University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley and stakeholders will develop a Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) for the southern portion of the Lower Laguna Madre watershed and Brownsville Ship Channel.
Mission and Aransas Rivers: Routine Monitoring A project to gather additional water quality data to help prioritize activities in the Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plan for reducing bacteria in the Mission and Aransas Rivers.
Shoal Creek: Developing a Watershed Protection Plan The Shoal Creek Conservancy developed a watershed-based plan for Shoal Creek in Austin.
Tres Palacios Creek: Coordinating Implementation Texas Water Resources Institute is implementing management measures of the Tres Palacios Watershed Protection Plan (WPP); primarily outreach, education, and water quality monitoring.