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Plum Creek: Implementing a Watershed Protection Plan in Lockhart

A project to implement portions of the Plum Creek WPP in Lockhart.


Plum Creek has sometimes had high concentrations of E. coli bacteria. The presence of these bacteria indicate there may be a risk for people who swim or wade in the creek—activities called “contact recreation” in the state’s standards for water quality.

Nutrient levels have also been a concern in Plum Creek. Excessive amounts of nutrients can cause extensive algae growth that can harm aquatic species.

The Plum Creek Watershed PartnershipExit the TCEQ formed in 2005 to improve the quality of the creek, and completed a Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) in 2008.

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Project Description

To implement the WPP, the City of Lockhart mapped its stormwater system, identifying and prioritizing improvements in this system that will prevent pollution in the creek, and implemented several other activities.

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For More Information

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