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Tres Palacios Creek: Coordinating Implementation

Texas Water Resources Institute is implementing management measures of the Tres Palacios Watershed Protection Plan (WPP); primarily outreach, education, and water quality monitoring.


Tres Palacios Creek is the primary source of freshwater for Tres Palacios Bay, which opens into Matagorda Bay. Since 2006, the tidal segment of Tres Palacios Creek (1501) has not met state water quality standards for bacteria or dissolved oxygen. In 2016, Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI), Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research, and TCEQ worked with stakeholders to develop the Tres Palacios Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) to improve water quality. The WPP was accepted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2018.

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Project Description

Implementation of agricultural best management practices (BMPs) and education programs for agricultural producers is a large component of the Tres Palacios WPP. Under this project TWRI, in coordination with key stakeholders and partner agencies, is implementing these BMPs by organizing new training programs and utilizing existing educational statewide programs such as Lone Star Healthy Streams, Riparian Stream and Ecosystems, and Texas Well Owner Network. TWRI also conducts water quality monitoring to estimate instream load reductions.

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For More Information

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