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Upper Cibolo Creek: Implementing a Watershed Protection Plan

The City of Boerne is conducting education and outreach activities, and developing and implementing a domestic waterfowl management program to improve water quality on Upper Cibolo Creek.


Historically the Upper Cibolo Creek has supported high levels of aquatic life. However, recently the creek was shown to be impaired due to bacteria and chloride levels that exceed standards, and has concerns for total phosphorus and orthophosphorus. A watershed protection plan was developed to restore stream health and was approved in 2013.

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Project Description

The City of Boerne has been building a sustainable program to implement the watershed protection plan, including outreach and educational events such as workshops and creek clean-ups. The project includes a long-term effort to reduce domesticated waterfowl populations on the creek.

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For More Information

To find out more about the NPS Program, call 512-239-6682 or e-mail us at nps@tceq.texas.gov.

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