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Arenosa Creek Recreational Use Attainability Analysis

RUAA for Arenosa Creek

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Project Summary

Status: In Progress


Bays and Estuaries

Segment Names and Numbers

Arenosa Creek, 2453C


Victoria and Jackson

Recreational-Survey Report

The TCEQ has completed a report of its recreational use attainability analysis for this water body.

Public Review of Recreational-Survey Report

The comment period for the draft report has concluded. After the comment period on the draft report closed, the TCEQ used the comments to make an informed recommendation for the recreational-use category and criteria to include in the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards.

TCEQ Recommendations

The TCEQ has not released a recommendation for Arenosa Creek.

Final Outcome

Check this webpage for the final outcome.

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Project Report

RUAA for Arenosa Creek:

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For More Information

E-mail us at standards@tceq.texas.gov or see contact information for staff members.

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