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Lavaca River Basin Recreational Use Attainability Analysis

RUAA for Rocky Creek, Lavaca River Basin.

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Project Summary

Status: In Progress


Lavaca River

Segment Names and Numbers

Rocky Creek, 1602B


Lavaca, Gonzales

Recreational-Survey Report

See this page for the preliminary report of field observations and surveys when it’s completed.

Public Review of Recreational-Survey Report

The TCEQ has completed a report* of its Recreational Use Attainability Analysis for this water body and is now soliciting public comment to assist in making a recommendation. Your input is very important and will ensure we have local knowledge and the most accurate information to identify the appropriate recreational use of the water body.

Once the comment period closes, the TCEQ will use the comments to make an informed recommendation for the recreational-use category and criteria to include in the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards. We will not issue a formal response to comments at this stage. There will be another comment period after publishing the recommendation on recreational use.

Submit comments to standards@tceq.texas.gov or by mail to:
Katherine Lavelle
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711
*Note: We do not post any personal information in the report.
TCEQ privacy policy

TCEQ Recommendations

Will be published on the web when determined.

Public Comment on TCEQ Recommendations

You may comment on the recommendations which will be published in:
(1) the Texas Integrated Report,
(2) a Total Maximum Daily Load, or
(3) a revision to the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards.

We will post instructions for submitting comments on this page.

Final Outcome

Check this webpage for the final outcome.

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Project Report

RUAA for Rocky Creek:

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For More Information

E-mail us at standards@tceq.texas.gov or see contact information for staff members.

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