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Water Utility Programs Regulated by the PUC

The TCEQ transferred responsibility for the following programs to the Public Utility Commission of Texas in 2014: the sale, transfer and merger program; the water utility rate program; and the certificate of convenience and necessity program. This transfer was required by the PUC’s Sunset legislation (HB 1600) adopted in 2013.

NOTE: The PUC handles applications for the programs they regulate, but applicants must still comply with all associated TCEQ rules and requirements.

Who may be regulated by the PUC?

  • investor-owned utilities
  • water supply corporations
  • city and county-owned utilities
  • wastewater utilities
  • owners who bill tenants for submetered or allocated water and sewer utility services
  • utility customers or anyone interested in the policies, rates and operations of a public or private water utility in Texas

What applications are approved by the PUC?

  • rate/tariff changes
  • CCN-related applications
  • sale, transfer, and merger applications

Where do I pay my regulatory assessment fee?

Continue to pay your regulatory assessment fee to the TCEQ. The revenues from these fees will support the remaining water programs at the TCEQ and the utilities programs transferred to the PUC.

How can I file a complaint?

For complaints about water utility rates; certificates of convenience and necessity; or the sale, transfer and merger of water and wastewater utilities, contact the PUC Exit the TCEQ.

Contact the PUC

Find more information on the PUC's activities associated with the transferring programs:

Memorandum of Understanding between the PUC and the TCEQ

The MOU, completed on Aug. 1, 2014, includes the terms of the transfer of select water utility programs from the TCEQ to the PUC.

  • MOU with terms of the transfer Adobe Acrobat PDF Document
  • Accessible version of MOU Adobe Acrobat PDF Document